How can I create discounted themed gift bundles in my online store?

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hi there! I have been exploring the Bundles app for my store as I would love to offer themed gift bundles for my customers at a discounted price. How I wish this would function was to create a bundle, select existing products in the store, have them display in the bundle as "options" or "variants" for the customer to select - a next step would be to be able to categorize those options and offer paired "add-on items". I would then like to potentially set limits (ex. choose 5 of 10) and set a set price for the bundle OR a discount with the ability to see the original price so the customer can see the savings they are receiving by bundling.

Bundle examples I'm looking at building: 

1. Book bundle - choose 5 of the 10-15 specific books identified (ex. add on products = bookmark, gift card, 

2. Book Club Bundle - Choose gift card denomination, choose a mug, choose a tote, choose a bookmark (ex. add on products = card, journal)


From what I can tell, currently, to make this app work for my store, I have to create new products and add the items as variants. I then have to add those new products to the bundle BUT this makes it challenging to track inventory AND you don't see the real time savings. It seems I have to set the "price" as the discounted price making it a bit challenging for the customer to see at a glance. Of course I can put this in the description but most customers would want to see it at the price. 


hope this helps for future enhancements. in the meantime, I'll explore some 3rd apps to see if they offer a simpler option... but I'd love to use the Shopify Bundles app! I'm also open to providing more feedback or testing if you wish to contact me for more info. 


Thanks so much! 


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