How can I delete a custom color scheme from my website?

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Its beyond annoying how there isn't a simple trash can icon to delete a color scheme. I've been testing out color schemes and now I have a bunch that I want to remove because it's messing up the pages/colors of the text of my store. 


Just from Theme > Customize, in all my sections, I have reverted the color scheme back to the default one that Shopify gives you (Scheme 1). However, when I go to the individual & all product pages and collection page (Specifically the 'product grid'), the scheme is a custom one that I wanted to remove even though I set it back to  under Theme Settings. 


I already made a lot of customizations to my website and I do not feel like restarting it just because the schemes are all messed up. 


Please help, thank you. 

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Hey @subico 


Can you please share a screenshot so that I can understand the issue in detail, also 

please provide your Store URL and, if applicable, the Password too? Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


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Hi there, I am also trying to delete Schemes. In this screenshot, you can see that we have 10 schemes. I would like to be able to delete some of these schemes, and was not able to identify them in the .json editor.


Screen Shot 2023-10-14 at 5.05.11 PM.png

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Edit your settings_data.json file in the Config folder, look for color_schemes, below the defaults you will see your custom entries.
"scheme-00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" - delete them making sure your JSON is still valid and save.


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You really saved my time, i wanted to change my store's whole scheme, but the settings wasn't letting me doing this and i was changing each section's color scheme, which was really time consuming and irritating. since, there are no options are present to configure and to change the default theme or delete it, except from the EDIT CODE action ( which you told), so i wandered here and your answer really helped me. thankyou for being helpful for the community. Thanks again!