How can I display a list of product releases on an Artist metaobject page?

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I have have metaobjects that references a list of products.


For example:

I have created a "Artist" metaobject

This metaobject has some fields such as name, location and releases.


Releases is a list of references to products "Releases" for that specific artist. 
In the admin for example i can see a list of all the products being referenced for that artist, but i havent been able to find a way to do the same on my template. where i want to list all the releases that artist has when user goes to the Artist metaobject page. 

See screenshot of how it looks in the admin:
Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 8.01.06 PM.png

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I have the same question.

Can't find an answer on the documentation.

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Same here. Can't access these references.


The only way we could accomplish this is to create a category with all the products for that metaobject and then assign it to the metaobject itself. But this way we are having more work.

But personally I don't think it makes sense. There should be a way to access the products referenced by a metaobject