How can I display a price range on my collection page?

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Hello, We previously had a change made to our website by the theme where on the collection pages it only showed the highest price. This was because we sold a lot of samples with our products so the sample prices were coming up and confusing people (£100 products were showing up as £2). This worked for a while but we have since added more products to our website and its not ideal. I was wondering how I could display a price range on the collection page so it would show something like '£2 to £124'.


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Hi, @DesignerWalls! Thanks for reaching out about this. You've done a great job with your online store, and I can see how displaying price ranges would enhance your customer experience. 


You can certainly customize your theme code in order to display price ranges instead. If you’re comfortable with coding, the steps are found in the Partner Blog How to Display Price Ranges on Shopify Collection Pages


There are also third party apps you can use to implement this as well.  For example, Product Price Range. With this app, you can also choose which products display the range, so you can have some products with price ranges, while others in the same collection without. 


Hope this helps! If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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in price.liquid I solved like this

<span class="price-item price-item--regular">
  {% for product in collection.products %}
    {{ 'products.product.volume_pricing.prices_from' | t }}
    {% assign min_price = product.variants | map: 'price' | sort | first %}
    {% assign max_price = product.variants | map: 'price' | sort | last %}
    {% if min_price != max_price %}
      {{ min_price | money }} - {{ max_price | money }}
    {% else %}
      {{ min_price | money }}
    {% endif %}
    {% if != 'collection' %}
      {{ money_price }}
    {% endif %}
  {% endfor %}