Re: How can I do two input boxes in the same line in my product page?

How can I do two input boxes in the same line in my product page?

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Ok, so thanks to this precious community I've been able to create some text boxes, dropdowns, date boxes, etc for my product page using the custom liquid code boxes.


Now I need to create the last part. Ive done a little drawing:




Two text boxes on the same line that are drop downs.


First box should have the words kilograms on the left outside and second box should have the word grams on the left outside.  Kilograms dropdown should go from 0 to 10 and grams dropdown should go from 0 to 999.  Both should be required fields.


Both boxs should be under the headline PESO.


The most important thing for me is that this share the same format as the other boxes. Ive tried coding something with GPT but then when i paste it the shape of the boxes is different, the color, the font, etc...

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Could you please send your product page link? I can check it and get back to you. 
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