How can I efficiently resize product images for the Impulse theme?

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I’ve recently upgraded from the dawn theme to the Impulse theme for my store. The only issue is that now all my product images must be resized down from 2048px x 2048px to 800px x 800px. I can do this in photoshop and manually trip load every image, however I have over 100 items so it will take hours. Do you have any recommendations on any apps or sites that would allow me to do this without automatically so I can avoid having to reupload every image?


I found that shopify has a free image resizing link but the smallest it can resize too is 1024px x 1024px so it won’t work for what I need. 

thank you 


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Hello @daintybykate, can you please elaborate a bit further on why you need to resize the product images to smaller size? The theme should be able to resize/optimise the images automatically.