How can I export all customers with IDs from my ecommerce store?

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Hi all.


I am building an app (loyalty app) for my brands. I want to match customers who sign up on my app, with their data on my Shopify store.


The way to do it in my app is to have a database of Shopify customers in my app database so when customers sign up in my app, I will match the sign-up email with the customer database in my app, then make an API call to Shopify to get the Orders that my customer has done on my Shopify store.

The only problem is I can't call the API without customer id, and exporting the list of customers from Shopify does not include customer id.


How can I solve this? I have 43k customers on my Shopify.

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Did you ever find an answer to this?

Why is it so difficult to export the product IDs and customer IDs Shopify uses on the backend? What's the point of splitting the values into two different identifiers when one is the more important for development and we can't bulk export them? 

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Hello, did you find a way?