How can I export return status of items in Shopify orders?

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Hi, I am new to shopify, I want to ask if there is a way to export the return status of items in an order? When exporting my orders it doesnt show exactly what items got returned instead it will add them all under one order and it will say the order is fulfilled.

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Shopify only has two return reports, "Returns" and "Product order and returns". Neither of them allows you to see much detail.


Our Report Toaster app can help. You can report on returns and include whatever detail you would like. Feel free to give it a try and reach out to support if you need any help.

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Hey there Vodoom,


If you're still looking for a solution and open to using a third-party app, our EZ Exporter app can export the returned line items with additional info such as the current return status, returned quantity, return reason, and return reason note for each returned line item.


In the app, we have a template called "Returned Line Items (Last 30 Days)" which already includes these fields and can be customized further.

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Alternatively, you can use Mipler Data Flow for this task.

The pros of this solution include the ability to create an export with a variety of columns (you can check yourself what information you need and how to join it), the ability to filter data using dynamic filters, and create custom columns (calculations, aggregations, etc).


An example of a possible export: