How can I extend the login duration for customers using Multipass?

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Hey guys, I'm looking to drastically extend the time my customers are kept logged in as the default 24 hours just seems crazy short in this day and age.  My store uses Shopify Multipass - we have our own custom login form/backend logic that logs the customer in via Multipass behind the scenes.


  1. Which cookie exactly do we overwrite the expires_at value for?  Seeing a lot of conflicting reports from threads like these over the years.
  2. How would you recommend we set the cookie, given our semi-unique Multipass setup?

Please let me know if you need more details about the issue, and thanks for all your help/suggestions.

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Hi @anonymous1 

Did you ever figure out how to keep customers logged in. (kind of like amazon lets customers remain logged in on all their devices)

Please let me know.

Much appreciated.

Thank you

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Hey, I was reading through the forums looking for a solution to this and I was wondering if you ended up figuring out how to get it so that customers stay logged in?

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The answer is not really but maybe. So, I had my team in India develop a custom persistent cart functionality. And one of the unintended consequences of that seemed to be - that the user remains logged in. At least, I remain logged in on my computer for a few days, I noticed. From what I hear the Shopify cookie resets every 24 hours, so customers will need to re-login after a 24 period passes. With me I'm logged in for days at a time. I'm not sure what the maximum log in time would be and haven't tested this with other users. Just something I notice when testing my site on my own computer. I can probably have more specific info in about a month or so as we're going through testing and our site isn't live yet.


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Hi there, Did you find how long you kept logged in? Any chances to know how can we do it?


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The Multipass cookie that expires in 24 hours is _secure_session_id. You won't be able to overwrite a cookie set by Shopify's domain because of same-origin policy restrictions. Instead you would need to look for the cookie, and if it isn't there (expired) you would re-initiate the multipass flow.  

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Hi, I'm also looking for a way to extend the user session. Does your solution already work? Is it possible to share more details about the implementation? Thank you.