How can I fix a broken font link error in my e-commerce platform?

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When using the following dead link checker (Broken Link Checker Tool - Dead Link Checker), Shopify's font link returns a 401 error.


How can I fix this?




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If you're experiencing a 401 error when accessing the font link provided by Shopify, it suggests that the link requires authentication or permission to access the resource. This issue is likely due to the way the font files are hosted or protected on the Shopify CDN.

To address this issue, you can try the following steps:

  1. Clear your browser cache: Sometimes, cached resources can cause issues when accessing fonts or other files. Clearing your browser cache can help ensure you're retrieving the latest version of the font files.

  2. Check your theme settings: In Shopify, the font files are typically loaded through the theme settings. Make sure that you have configured the font correctly and that the font file URL is accurate.

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Good luck getting any help for this.  I spent 100s of hours researching this and a few hours on chat support with Shopify only to be told to contact Google.

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I was also getting errors when running a webpage scan on Dead Link Checker and received messages from Google.  I learned that you need to change fonts in the stores theme from Assistant to a system  font (i.e. Sans-Serif) and the scan runs without errors. 

  1. Theme Settings 
  2. Typography 
  3. Heading change from Assistant font to Sans-Serif click select
  4. Body change from Assistant font to Sans-Serif click select
  5. Make sure you select save to save font changes.
  6. Re-run your scan on Dead Link Checker errors should be gone. You can ask Google for another review.  

Wishing you the best with your business!

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Thanks resolves the issue

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Facing problem here too.  Custom font used by client and lots of font face/emojis on homepage.  Clueless,how to resolve ?