How can I fix issues with Mega Menu on the Refresh theme?

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I'm currently trying to implement the Mega Menu on the refresh theme and have run into a few issues I need some help with.

1) I've set up a hover effect to open the menu options, but once I move my mouse down over the expanded menu the menu disappears. I think there must be a gap between the menu and the mega menu section that is causing this.

2) Currently the mega menu background takes up the whole screen. I would prefer the menu background to be adjusted according to the number of columns.


3) 2nd level nav shows horizontally. I would prefer for them to stack vertically in a column if they don't have 3rd level nav.

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I'm sure there's a CSS solution to those issues. I just read your post and thought that a Mega Menu app might give you exactly what you want without having to mess with code. 

You can take a look at how our app Meteor handles smart mouse tracking and size of drop downs here
All the best! 

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