How can I fix label printing alignment issues on my POS system?

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I am just setting up my POS and am trying to print barcode labels with a computer printer. After searching, I found the I need to adjust print ratio to 100 %. Having done that, I now am having a problem with page alignment, all my labels are being printed too high and are cutting off the first line on all of them.

Help Please!

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As you can see in below image specific printers are supports specific label size:


you can refer this link as refrence :
So , according to your printer choose specific size which can be adjust into your page .

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I am having the same problem. Trying to print barcodes on Avery 5160 with computer printer. Actually the first few rows fit on the labels but it seems the lower rows are situated too high and are being cut off. @Ujjaval that response did not help. @knkcreations please let me know if you found a solution!

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I am having the exact same problem. Would love to know how to fix it. 

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I changed the print quality from my printer settings to "best" and that fed the paper through slower and seemed to fix the problem. 

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I changed the scale to Custom--->100 and it fixed the alignment problem.


Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 8.10.59 PM.jpeg