How can I hide price in a specific collection in Warehouse theme?

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Hello everyone!

I want to hide the " From $xxxx " in a specific collection in Warehouse (vr. 1.8.2). 

I've been doing lots of research. Having found the following instructions on this thread...


and on this thread...


However, in each of those threads, the directions say to "find the 'product-grid' or 'product-card'. 


But WHERE are those files? I've hunted all over the back-end of the WareHouse theme. Scrabbling about like a hungry mouse in the "Edit Code" area found under the "Actions" button on the theme. Yet, I have not been able to find any files titled 'product-grid' or 'product-card'. 


I have created a new product template, product section, and product snippet. (The last being titled "product-info-moq-catalog.liquid"). I've got a specific collection created. "Minimum Order (MOQ) Catalog" 


But I have not been able to find WHERE the code is that displays the prices of the products contained within the above mentioned collection.


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.






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Hello @APG-David !

Please add the below code in your theme.scss.css file at the bottom to hide the collection prices:

span.price.price--highlight {
    display: none !important;

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Icart for the code and your help! 

Unfortunately, I hunted through Warehouse theme folders and was unable to find any file titled "theme.scss.css".


I DID find a file titled "theme.scss.liquid" in the "Assets" folder at the bottom of the "Edit Code" side menu of folders. I stripped in the code. But nothing happened. 


Did I strip it in wrong? Was that the wrong file? Or, perhaps that "theme.scss.css" file is a hidden file? 

Also, I only want to hide the prices from one, specific collection "Minimum Order (MOQ) Catalog". 

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Weeeelll.. okay... I'm still seeking an answer to this. I contacted Maestrooo. The creators of the Warehouse Theme asking for them to take a look at the code I inserted into thier theme. There anwer was.. less than useful or helpful. To be fair, thier limits DO state they will not help with custom changes to the original theme code. 

-- sigh -- okay... fine. 

Unlike other themes, Warehouse apparantly DOES NOT HAVE a "product-card-grid" or "product-card-price-list" in the snippets section.


I'm sure it's entirely possible I somehow missed them.. (even tho I searched and searched using cmmnd-F.


What I DID find was a "product-item-placeholder.liquid", a "product-item.liquid" and a "pt-collection-title.liquid". 


I created the following code and placed it before what I HOPED was the product price display for the selected collection in which I wish to hide the prices. 


{% if collection.handle =! "moq-catalog" %}
{% if product-item__price-list price-list %}
{% else %}
MOQ Catalog Item
{% endif %}
{% endif %}


But the prices on the collection still remain.

Any one out there can offer me some further advice?

Did I put the code in the right spot? Did I pick the correct terminology to define the product prices?


Here is the link to our site...


Thank you for your help.






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Found this code by going to my website/the collection I want to alter, selecting a random listed product price from within that collection, and then activating "inspect" cmd from the browser.

This is what I got...


<div class="product-item__price-list price-list"><span class="price">$263.88</span></div>


Trouble is.. I have no clue as to where this code IS on the backend.


What I want to do is delete the collection display price from all products that contain the tag "moq-catalog". No matter what collection they are assigned to.

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no one has an answer huh?... 

well.., that's unfortunate.

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Is there anyone out there? Anyone have any ideas? 

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Hello @APG-David , hope this will help. it took me hours to find this solution for this theme. its working for me, hope will work for you aswell.


  • Go to Online Store > Actions > Edit Code.
  • Open the Snippets Folder > product-item.liquid.
  • On the start of line 122 add {% comment %} right before the <div class="product-item__price-list price-list">.
  • On line 162 ( or where this div ends  </div>) add {% endcomment %} and click Save. 
  • The end result should look like this: