How can I implement real time stock availability in an online store?

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I'm deploying a store and want to include real time stock availability on the product page. Ideally, when a customer views a product page, an API call is made to the stock management system hosted outside of the Shopify ecosystem. This returns the quantity in an accessible format such as json. The store now updates the availability in the backend with the number available and dis/en-ables the add to cart button. A further check is made when the customer checks out to make sure stock is still available.


I've implemented this scenario countless times on other platforms, but for the life of me I can't find anything in the API documentation for web hooks or calls that can trigger an API call to a 3rd party. I can see hooks for inventory_updates but not views, and flow doesn't appear to have this either.


Can anyone point me to the correct documentation in the app/dev docs, or forum posts.



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Our app mesa has a web request trigger that you could access from the frontend that could kick off a workflow to do what you're describing. Not sure there's a way to do this natively exactly.