How can I improve the speed of my mobile website?

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How can I speed up the performance of my mobile website. 

The desktop version of my website has a performance score of 97 but on my mobile version it only has a speed 61. As this is a new website I have launched I don't want it to score my website badly when people are searching for it.


I have inserted photos of the page speed insite below.

My website address is

Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.







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After running your site through Google Page Speed insights it says there is some code from Google Tag Manager blocking your page when your site is being loaded by the browser.
This is what is slowing down your page speed score.

I have no idea how many 3rd-party scripts you are trying to load in with GTM. I'd imagine you probably are using GTM to load in scripts needed for Google Analytics, Facebook pixel and other marketing-related tools.

I'd recommend trying to add the defer attribute to the script tag being used to load in GTM so it does't block your page when the page is being loaded in. If you have any more issues with GTM blocking your page load speed check out this article.