How can I include the shipping method on my packing slip?

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I have a custom shipping option that is called "Local Pickup". The reason, is so that I don't reveal the pickup location to everyone, just those that choose local and actually buy items for pickup.   However, I would like to have my packing slips reflect that they selected "local pick up" so that when I am fulfilling orders I can go based on packing slips.  Is there a way to add this to my packing slip?


Also, can I change the verbiage on the packing slip so it doesn't say "Deliver to", but just has the billing information?




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Yes you can change your packing slip, you will need ro modify liquid template. Below I attached the official documentation.


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You can make changes to your packing slip templates by clicking the Edit button in the Packing slips section of the Shipping and delivery page of your Shopify admin.

You can check more details here

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I'm actually looking for specific code that I can add to the liquid template that would show on the packing slip what the exact shipping option is that a customer chose.

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did you find a fix for this?