How can I increase the blog post limit on a specific page?

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Hello everyone,


I'm developing a store for a client, and we want to show a lot of blog posts on one specific page.

- As we are using that to show retailers.


However. We can't show more than 4 "posts" per section.


We're using the Capital theme. I've changed the limit within the "index-blog.liquid" file.

And now I have the option to choose up to 20 posts. But whenever I do that, it still comes up with the error "Setting 'post_limit' can't be greater than 4".


Then I tried to change the post_limit setting in the code of the page itself, but it won't allow me to save the changes.


What do I need to do, in order to show more posts?


Here's a video going through everything:


Thank you for your time!


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I would like to know that too. Did you find a solution for that? would appreciate if you can share with me 🙂
Thank you