How can I insert a TikTok icon into my theme?

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There is no option to add tiktok icon in my theme. How can i add tiktok icon?



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You can add the icon directly into your theme code.


If you don't have a go-to Shopify developer and you want to handle yourself, here's how you can do that:


1. Duplicate your live theme, you'll then be working on the new backup theme, so you don't affect the live site while experimenting.


2. Locate the theme file that shows your social media icons. I would start by browsing the main theme file, theme.liquid, I would guess the code to add those social icons is either in there or in a snippet like footer.liquid. If you can't find it in the theme you'll want to use a tool like Chrome Dev Tools to inspect your website code and look for clues. This article should help you: How to Safely Edit Your Shopify Theme.


3. Now add in your new code. I would copy one of the existing social media icon's code so it has the same classes applied, change the link for TikTok then upload your TikTok icon to the Assets folder and set the new url in the newly created TikTok code you copied from the other social media icon code.


If you don't have an icon to use, search for something like "free social media icons".


4. Click preview to see how it looks.


5. Adjust the CSS as needed.


6. Test that preview on mobile and desktop by changing your browser window size to make sure it looks all good.


7. Publish the new theme.

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