How can I integrate Bank Alfalah Payment Gateway on a Shopify checkout page?

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I am trying to integrate "Bank Alfalah Payment Gateway" to process credit cards on my Shopify Store.

They provided a sample script which has two steps:


Page Redirection Request


The provided sample code is written in HTML & JS and it is accessible at the following link:

The above script is working fine but I am trying to integrate it on the checkout page of Shopify. I have tried to modify 'checkout' page liquid templates. But there is no specific help available to integrate the script.

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Hi, This is the Recommended way by Bank Alfalah.

Please install the Shopify APG Extension by following the link below. Also for generating credentials follow the steps.


Shopify Plugin Installation URL :

Merchant Portal :


Credentials Generating :

               Sandbox: Sandbox is the testing Environment where you can test the transaction flow of APG.

  • Login into merchants portal 
  • After login GO LIVE - Step 1
  • Access Sandbox.

o   On Dashboard page generate Credentials


o   Return URL “:

o   Listener URL “

  • Share the credentials with us, so I can provide the Account ID and Password for Shopify App. Credentials list is given below

o   Merchant hash.

o   Merchant username.

o   Merchant Password.

o   Store ID.

o   Merchant ID

o   Key1

o   Key2

you can fetch store ID, Merchant ID, Key1 and Key2 by clicking integration -> Page Redirection. On page redirection page there is html tab. By scrolling down you will find the above required credentials.