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How can I make pages show up in search results on my website?

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When searching our site for 'Menu' nothing populates. This is a page not a product: - this is the search for Menu - this is one of the pages that I would like to populate - this is one of the pages that I would like to populate


I want to be able to allow customers to find certain key words in relations to content/pages on the site. Same goes for "hours" or "jobs".

I am new to our team and the back end of Shopify, so if any one has a basic explanation into where or what I need to be looking for and editing that would be great!


Thanks - Anna

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More info... the search bar only seems to search products. but the search page will bring up pages.

Searched via the bar:



Search via the 'search' page:

searched on this search 'page'searched on this search 'page'


Is this bar at the top only products then and no way to include products and pages?

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Any chance you found a solution to this (and remember it three years after originally posting 🙂 )?