How can I manage multicurrency gift cards to avoid customer confusion?

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We have multicurrency deployed and also have some pricing variation in play market dependent.


As an example, we sell in Euros to the EU, £ to the UK and $ to the US.
The UK is our base currency/market. 
For the EU we reduce prices by 10%
For the US we mark prices up by 20% (to align with our stockists in the country)

With sales of giftcards, we see that they are subject to the same currency conversion and pricing rules.
This is confusing for the customer as we sell gift cards in UK denominations (at present) so the conf email shows a value that is hard to comprehend for the customer, eg a gift card with a £ value of 150 purchased by a customer in the EU, will cost E 160.65 after conversions and adjustments. When the customer receives the confirmation, it shows a £ value, which happens to be £140.77 in this scenario.

What is a good solution to this challenge?

Can we offer gift cards in multiple currencies or is there another way to better manage this?

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We have the same issue. I can't believe that Shopify does not have a good solution to this. I am currently trying to find a 3p app that will help. No luck so far 😞

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Anyone got a solution for this as with Christmas coming (and we use Shopify Markets) it would be great to be able to sell Gift Cards in local currency - ie £100, $100, €100 etc etc

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We have the same problem at Galvin Green, is there a solution in the near for this Shopify?