Re: How to edit "Collections/all" page?

How can I modify the 'Collections/all' page?

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Hi, I've been trying to edit the collections page "Collection Title". Our currently says "products" but we don't have a collection named "Products". How do i edit that?


Thank you.


I've attached a picture to illustrate the problem.




Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 11.34.57 AM.png

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The Collection/all is automatically made by Shopify.  To Edit it you need to make your own collection called all.  This will over right theirs and give you full access.

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This is true! Also, you need to make it an automated collection  and you would have to set some conditions that match all the products in your store the way you want it. 



You don't even have to call it 'all' ! You just need to match the url of collections/all in the SEO settings section while creating the collection.



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Hi im having a similar issue with my site the all products page is listed as produkte-archiv and i have created a new page and called it
"all products" and have changed the link as shown but its not changing the page title asdf.png

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That's right the information provided here doesn't work. 

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To anyone landing here with the same question, this is the solution:


Edit your collection template file, and add this




{% if collection.handle == 'all' %}
  Your custom title here
{% else %}
  {{ collection.title }}
{% endif %}





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For Dawn theme, all that needs to be done is simply to create a new collection named 'All' (edit the new All collection products as desired).

No theme file coding is necessary.