How can I recover my hacked account and regain access?

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I have quite a difficult situation. This morning I randomly received two texts from a 5 digit number saying "Enter ###### as your Shopify authentication code." I did not request these codes. I go to my Shopify app and I have been logged out. I go to log in and my saved password is incorrect. I have not received any e-mails saying the password was reset. I request to change the password and successfully do so. However, two-factor authentication is no longer turned on for either of the phone numbers we use. The passkey function I usually use doesn't work. The only options are to enter a 12 digit recovery code or use an authentication app. We have never set up an authentication app. The only set of 12 digit recovery codes I can find are from 2022 and none of them worked. Now, I am stuck and cannot login at all. I am extremely concerned as this is our primary source of income and our family business. As you all know, Shopify does not have a phone number to call and I can't seem to find any actual help for my specific case. I hope someone here can help. Thank you.

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