Re: Can Shopify assist in removing Google's "Did you mean?" warning?

How can I remove a 'Did you mean?' Google warning for similar website names?

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Hello, I have 2 websites with similar names (Bloomslore & Boomslore). Now, there's a "Did you mean?" Google warning for Boomslore because the name is similar to the first one (picture 1).

I found their documents on how to override this (picture 2), but I need help because I'm not sure how to do it.

1. How do I make a .json file?

2. How do I upload the .json file as described below:

"Upload this file to both of your sites at /.well-known/assetlinks.json. For instance, in our example, you would upload the files at both and"



Google guide link

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u found any solution ?