How can I remove the cash refund option from my POS return menu?

How can I remove the cash refund option from my POS return menu?

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We have a NO Cash Refund policy in our store but when customers come in to return an item, our staff accidentally proceed with the cash refund option at  POS without scrolling down further to select Gift Card instead.  Is there a way to remove the Cash Refund button / option from the return menu in POS so that cash refunds are not given but instead store credit / card?

Thank you in advance for a solution / response. 

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Did you ever find a way to fix this issue? We are in the same boat!! 

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Hey @Smdunn,


Shopify POS does not provide a built-in feature to completely remove the cash refund option from the return menu. However, you can take several steps to minimize the risk of accidental cash refunds. For example, you could look at adjusting staff permissions in the POS settings. You can restrict certain staff members from processing refunds altogether, or limit the ability to process cash refunds to managers or higher-level staff. 


I completely understand the need for this feature, so I'm glad to submit this feedback to our development team. Updates are published on our Shopify Changelog:

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Even if the "refund" option was placed below the gift card option in the
shopify screen...that would be a tremendous help. The big blue bar that
says "Refund" gets touched easily while scrolling to the gift card option
and we end up going against our own policy because of this error.

I have tried to limit permissions, but I am not finding it possible to
allow my staff to do an exchange or get store credit only. They either are
allowed to exchange/refund of they are not. And I really need them to be
able to do an exchange or store credit without the refund.

If I am missing another option, please let me know!