How can I require customer account creation for a specific product checkout?

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Hi all,


I've run into an issue I'm having trouble solving myself. I have a site with various physical products and 1 product, which is a subscription to our Members Club. Customers who are members get various benefits and discounts. The whole system works based on tags. If a customer subscribes, he's got a tag for the whole duration of his subscription. Shopify can see this tag and display correct information based on that. The issue is that we don't require a customer account before purchase (and we don't want to) but we need customers who subscribe to have an account for the system to work. Is there a way I can specifically tell shopify to require an account in checkout if there is a specific item present?



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Hi @DaniellM 


Logically no, either you can make it mandatory to login before checkout and leave it as it is currently.


But, you can trick this via custom code you can hide the checkout button at cart page or product page for which you want to have user login.


For example, A is the product you want to have user login.


Via custom coding if user is on A product page hide the checkout button, which will take user directly to checkout.


On cart page if user cart contains product A, checkout button will be hidden and login to checkout button will be visible.


This button will take user to login, once user get login checkout button will be visible.


Nothing will change if user don't have product A in their cart.


Hope this trick could help...

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Hey, @DaniellM. Rio here from the Shopify Community team. While Shopify doesn't have a built-in feature to require an account for specific products, there are a few workarounds you can consider:


  1. Use a third-party app: There are apps available in the Shopify App Store that can help you achieve this functionality. You can try the EasyLockdown App, or  option is the Locksmith app, which allows you to restrict access to certain products or collections based on various conditions, including requiring an account. You can explore this app or similar ones to see if they meet your specific requirements.

  2. Custom development: If you have coding experience or access to a developer, you can customize your theme to add a check during the checkout process. This would involve modifying the checkout template to check if the specific item is in the cart and prompt the customer to create an account before proceeding.

I recommend exploring the app option first, as it is a much more simple and user-friendly solution. However, if you prefer a custom development approach, I recommend reaching out to a Shopify Expert or someone familiar with the Shopify platform. 


As a growth tip, I suggest considering offering an incentive for customers to sign up for the member's clubs! You can highlight the benefits for your customers just above the call to action. 

Rio | Shopify 
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Hey @DaniellM, this tutorial will guide you through the process of restricting specific products or pages on your Shopify store: