How can I resolve SEO issues on my site?

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I am trying to fix all the SEO issues that i have on my site.

There is one thing that i do not understand, please see attached photos.

Is there anyone on this forum that can help me on what to do?





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Dupe headings - usually in the theme. Common issue is that for some reason Shopify themes like to wrap the header logo in an H1 tag, which results in a dupe. Probably not a major issue, but I wouldn't say makes sense from a semantic HTML pov.

To change you'll likely need to get hands on and edit the Liquid/HTML in the theme. It can be risky and a bit of a learning curve if you don't know what you're changing, or pay a dev to fix it for you.

For the images, I wouldn't bother with ALTs if they are just icon/components or backgrounds of the content. 

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Thanks for the information!

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Hey! I followed your recommendations and I have managed to solve my problems, thanks for the help! I pay attention to any error that appears on the site, as I like everything to be perfect and to not affect the SEO of my site. You will be surprised how difficult is to find a good SEO service. In my opinion, the best SEO service is Develux SEO Services:, I like their transparency and client-focused approach. Plus, thanks to them I have learned many new things about SEO.

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hey, better fix alt tags and for headings nothing to worry about since google now indexing either way main title or SEO title or edit it. Thanks

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Hi @Carlfredrik ,


I see you're working through some SEO concerns on your Shopify site. Regarding your question:


  • Duplicate Headings: This is commonly due to theme templates using multiple H1 tags, which should be reserved for your main page title only. It’s best to edit your theme's Liquid files to correct this. If you’re not comfortable with code, a Shopify expert or developer could assist you.
  • Missing ALT Text: ALT text is important for SEO as it helps search engines understand what the image is about, which can be crucial if the image contains content relevant to your site's keywords. It's less important for purely decorative images but still useful for accessibility reasons.


Our app, SEOPro, could be quite helpful in these situations. It can run an SEO audit to identify such issues across your products and collections, and it provides a convenient way to add ALT text to your images in bulk, saving you time. Plus, if you have issues with your meta titles or descriptions, SEOPro can help you update those in bulk as well.


Full disclosure: We are the developer of this app.

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