How can I safely migrate blog categories without affecting SEO?

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Hi all,


As the blog on our website has grown to over 60 articles, I want to create blog categories.

An app is unfortunately not an option, but I read it should be possible, when I create separate blogs and then link to reach blog in the store menu. Now I have a couple of questions that I couldn't find a definitive answer to.

  • Is there any risk for my SEO/rankings, as long as I redirect all articles to the new blog?
  • Do you recommend to resubmit my sitemap to google?
  • Wat is the most efficient way to create redirects?
  • Does Shopify automatically create a 301 redirect?
  • Is is also a viable solution to use labels?
  • Are there any other risks or better ways to do this that I'm not thinking about?

Thanks so much!


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Hello  @SWOP

Your requirement entails custom development, which necessitates paid services. Please inform us if you are open to discussing this further.

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This article disagrees. It should be straight forward to create the categories and create redirects.

What I am concerned with is SEO impact.


Could you be specific why you say it requires custom development?