How can I set a maximum order quantity limit on a Dawn Theme?

How can I set a maximum order quantity limit on a Dawn Theme?

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Hello. Im using a Dawn Theme and how to set max quantity limit per order? I'm using Shopify Basic + I don't want to use something expensive (not free). Please help me how to do this in free way! Best regards Mat

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Max Quantity Limit Per Order features require advance knowledge of themes to do properly.

Keep in mind such customizations only affect the frontend if a store is multichannel, use permalinks, etc it may possible for customers to reach checkout with excess items and as such should be bookended with backend processes to find invalid orders with excess quantities.


If you need to DIY this for free look for apps on the app store.

Otherwise search for forums/internet for various conversations on the topic and synthesize the customization that way.


An undesirable alternative may be possible to do this after an order is placed to reject orders with too many items using shopify-flow. 


Always thoroughly test such features when implementing to ensure customers can checkout with simple orders.

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Hello @Mateuszkownik 


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