How can I set main product images in Google Merchant Centre instead of variant ones?

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I don't really know how to write this question but I'm going to make it as clear as possible.

(sorry if my english is not correct)


I recently connected my shopify store to the Google Merchant centre. Google finds all my product variants and places them in its own products (see photo 1) on the merchant centre (which is a good thing I guess). The problem is however that Google merchant centre takes the variant picture and makes it the main picture of the product (see photo 2).


Im selling posters and I don't want the simple mockups that are connected to the varriants as main pictures in the google merchant products. I can change it by hand but than I have to do that for almost 1500 variants ... 

Is there a way to tell shopify and/or google merchant centre that it needs to take the first main pictures of the shopify products (that arent connected to any variants) (see photo 03) as main pictures of the google merchant centre products.


I hope that this is enough Information to anyone that can help me.


Photo 01.png

Photo 02.png

Photo 03.png












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There is no easy way to change the images when using the Google and Youtube app.


So you can choose to either manually edit it in Google Merchant Center.

Using a supplement feed.

Or a bit easier which is using:

Where you can change the image using rules.

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