How can I set up a post-purchase account creation page?

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Does anyone know how to add a post purchase account creation page? I have just started a subscription service with Recharge and its bad UX trying to get the customers to create an account after purchasing. We're NOT running on Shopify Plus before anyone suggests that. So essentially the ideal steps would be:

1. Customer processes order for subscription product

2. Customer is taken to order confirmation page

3. A widget pops up to create a password for your Shopify account

4. Customer creates password then logs in to their account


Can anyone help?

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Hello @ReannanSelling just saw your question and not sure if you are still looking for a solution but you can try Easy Account Creation which does what you are trying to do. Here is the link and it works on Basic Plan and Advance Shopify plans. I hope it helps!

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Hi, We offer digital products that can be accessed in the customer's account after purchasing. We are using the SkyPilot app, which adds the purchased digital product to the customer's account.


To help prevent digital purchases from being shared, we are requiring the customer to create an account/log in to their account before checkout.


Is there a way (or app) to allow the customer to check out as a guest, and once the transaction is complete, give the customer the option to create an account on the checkout confirmation page?

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Have you found a way? I am looking for the same solution

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Hi! Have you found a solution for this? The only way would be to add custom code to, for example, the cart page. Before checkout, they are prompted to sign in/register. Once they do, they are either taken back to the cart or wherever the previous step was and only then can move forward through checkout. This does require some conditional logic and custom coding using HTML, CSS, Liquid and JS.

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