How can I set up an online store for cakes and bouquets with offline payment?

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Good afternoon.


1. I make cakes and bouquets to order. I want to organize an online store where visitors can place orders. They put purchases in the cart, send the application, but pay offline, upon delivery.
Is it possible to do this with Shopify?
2. I need design and functionality so that it combines both Bouquets and Cakes.
3. Please help me decide how much it will cost me to organize this with Shopify.
4. Can I support the Russian language in the store?


Thank you.

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All possible.

  1. a custom contact form where you then manually make draft orders/invoices, also see shopify's forms app. To automate making the draft order you will need an app,  example and theme customizations.
  2. Do you mean: sell two items on the same order of course that's possible. Beyond that you'd need to drastically improve the description the intent and goal .
  3.  You've provided no where near enough information to guess at the types of costs you will incur, hire someone for setup or consulting services.
  4.  Shopify supports doc's don't indicate the admin supports the russian language ; Contact shopify support directly to confirm.


If you need consulting or setup services then contact me by my email for services.
Contact info in forum signature.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.


Good Hunting.

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Hi @AlexDam,

Do you have a specific reference website in mind that you'd like your website to resemble?

Shopify is a robust eCommerce platform that should be well-suited for your requirements.

Typically, for bouquet and cake stores, you might need to leverage third-party apps to incorporate custom options for your products since the default features in Shopify might be insufficient.

For instance, you can use the Easify Product Options app to seamlessly create custom options for your bouquet and cake products, as illustrated in the examples below. The app can also assist in crafting products that combine both bouquets and cakes.




As for accepting offline payments, you can easily set up Cash on Delivery (COD) as your payment method.

In terms of language support, Shopify does cater to multiple languages, including Russian.

Estimating the development cost for a website is challenging as it depends on various factors. Shopify offers different plans to accommodate diverse needs, and you can begin with a cost-effective plan, upgrading as necessary. Furthermore, you'll need to select a theme for your store, with both free and paid options available.

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