Re: Can you set up product kits as variant items in Shopify?

How can I set up bundle items as a variant in a product?

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I was looking for a way to handle setting up kit/bundle items as a variant within a product but have not found an app that does that. 

To help illustrate a little, we manufacture a product in a 5 count box and 15 count box however we want to be able to have the customer pick a 5,10,15, or 30 count to add to their cart.  Therefore, if there was a way for us to have the 10 and 30 counts as variant kits (e.g. one variant is 2 - 5 count boxes or 2 - 15 count boxes respectively) within the same product.  Additionally, there is a pricebreak as you buy larger quantities (e.g. 5 count is $10 but 10 count is $18).  I thought that Packify might be a solution but they can't handle it being set as a variant product.

Has anyone dealt with this before or found an app that can do this?

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In your scenario you would bundle or kit up the 10 and 30 packs and leave the others as normal SKUs. Our bundle app lets you achieve this and with the added benefit it will recalculate all the variants stock availability. If you sell a 30 pack it will also reduce the stock of the 15 pack by 2. This is optional feature so you can manage your stock levels manually if you prefer. You can set each variant price separately so can discount the larger packs.

The other option would be to have a 1 pack as a SKU and bundle up all packs so you only have to manage stock of the 1 pack.

Let me know if you would like to test our Bundleup and can guide you through set up and configuration.



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Hi there,

Did you ever find a solution for this problem? I am going thru the same issue. Really really frustrating, please let me know.


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We ended up creating each of the variants in our ERP (Netsuite) which were then synchronized down to our Shopify instance.  We then created custom logic in our integration layer btwn Shopify and our ERP (Celigo) to manipulate certain quantities.  For example, if someone orders a 30 pack, we modify the order as its imported into our ERP to have a quantity 2 of the 15 pack.  Similarly, for inventory, we take the 15 pack inventory and cut it in 1/2 for the 30 pack variant on the site.