How can I set up links to metaobjects in product cards?

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I created a metaobject called Creators, which has a name and a description, the webpage is actived.


The link is pages/creators/name_of_creator


I linked each product to as creator.


Now on the product card I managed to show the name of the creator

Capture d’écran 2023-11-30 à 15.02.39.png


Now I would like to set a link that will direct to pages/creators/name_of_creator, but the link option just proposes me to select a specific creator and not the one linked to the product


Capture d’écran 2023-11-30 à 15.02.51.png


Thank you for the help.



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I just had a similar inquiry and was able to solve it.


Try using this within your link:



I used "name_of_creator" assuming that's really the key you used for the value you're trying to get.


In my case, I wanted to link to a search string that included the "scent name" in order to just show products matching that scent.



The above uses this as my link: /search?q={{block.repeater.scent_name.value}}


and the resulting link for the "Dew on a Petal" link in the below screenshot is: