How can I show a certain word when the different language is selected?

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Hello I am using Dawn.


How do you show ’年’ on then register form when Japanese is selected and not show it when English is selected?

Thank you in advance!


<div class="Form-Item">
  <p class="Form-Item-Label">{{ 'customer.register.birthday' | t }}</p>
  <div class="form-birthday">
    <select class="form-select" id="RegisterForm-year" name="customer[tags][year]">
      <option value="year" disabled selected>{{ 'customer.register.year' | t }}</option>
      {% for i in (1951..2023) %}
        <option value="{{ i }}">{{ i }}</option>
      {% endfor %}
      {% for i in (1951..2023) %}
        <option value="{{ i }}">{{ i }}年</option>
      {% endfor %}


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Hi @harukajmickey 


You can create custom translation text and add its value to your option to assign the text in Japanese language and black for others.


Hope it's clear to you...

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