How can I show member prices for all products after adding a membership to the cart?

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Hello, not sure if the right place to post but I'm really struggling with a project I've been tasked to build.

A little bit of background: The site has products with two prices, a standard price, and a member's price. The goal is to increase the number of members using a subscription model.


The way the flow works is that you go to a product details page and there are too buttons (if logged out) a add to cart which add the product to the cart. The second button is become a member which will add the product to the cart but also the membership product (monthly payment required) I got this part working.


The part I'm struggling with is once I add the membership product to the cart I want to show the member prices for all products.. If the user was already logged in I could simply tag the customer and the custom pricing app would work fine. Another solution I could have used is force the user to register/login before adding to the cart but the clients have insisted that this is not an option.


A good example of what I am trying to achieve is:


Any help will be greatly appreaciated 



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Hi, @sandeepnij90

Achieving this membership "view" of products and services requires either extensive code editing, or the use of a third party app. One app that provides a lot of membership options is the Bold Memberships App. According to their App store page: "One of the most powerful things about this app is it can change content on your website for members. You can change, show, or hide elements on your store based on what membership they have. You can even change liquid templates, so you can have a completely different site when members log in vs non-members." - this sounds like it meets your needs, hopefully. Thank you! 

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