How can I solve SEO and header tag issues with Liquid Theme?

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So I am using Hike SEO to help our business with their local search results and general SEO improvements. These two programs do not communicate well together and effectively i cannot amend any of my main page or header tags (H1)  as it is down to the theme apparently. Liquid theme is the theme we use we carries its own unique coding that only a paid for Shopify "Expert" is trained is writing. So I cannot amend my own page and title tags and my we performance is really suffering. Shopify advise that i can only fix this by putting down money for an expert and a completely unknown sum of money at that of course as who knows how long the fix may take! 

Any help or advice would be absolutely great! 

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Hi @WillFromTheMill ,


I understand your frustration with integrating SEO tools with your Shopify store, especially when it involves customizing Liquid templates for SEO improvements. A workaround could be directly editing your theme's Liquid files to include the necessary SEO tags, such as title tags and H1 tags. Shopify's documentation and forums offer guides on making these edits. However, ensure you have a backup before making changes.


In this context, SEOPro might be a useful tool. While SEOPro is primarily focused on optimizing product and collection pages for better SEO performance, including features like SEO score assessments and recommendations for improvements, it may not directly solve your issue with Liquid theme customization. Yet, it can significantly enhance other aspects of your SEO strategy without the need for deep technical expertise.


Full disclosure: We are the developer of this app.

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