How can I speed up automated discount application in the cart?

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I am currently using an extension within Shopify that has detailed parts breakdowns and diagrams of many parts. Within these diagrams there are millions and millions of SKUs (products).


It is impossible to have all of these products built out on Shopify.. So the way the extension works is, once a customer adds an item to their Shopify cart from the extension, that product is then automatically built out on Shopify. It's actually pretty neat, because as more and more customers shop our website the larger our catalog of products grows.


The issue I am having is managing the prices of these items. I have discounts created that automatically apply to items on the website based on the collection they are in. However, the discount isn't being applied right away...


If the product is added to the cart from the extension for the very first time it shows in the shopping cart at regular price. But then.. if you were to delete the part and re-add it the cart again it will show the discount perfectly. This works regardless of whether or not you are adding it directly from the Shopify catalog or from the extension. Seemingly the discount loads slower than the item is being added to the shopping cart.


Is there any sort of coding that could be done to apply that automated discount faster? Or to have the cart be checking for discounts and refreshing?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Hey Matt,

did you ever find a solution to this?

having the same issue

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I have a similar problem to this - when I add a product to the cart and select checkout it should remove my discount, I have to go back a page (mobile only) then select checkout again and it applies it?!

any help greatly received