How can I sync multiple variants of the same product in inventory?

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Hello Everyone!


I have a rather technical question.  Currently, we use FarApp as a sync tool to send our inventory from NetSuite to Shopify.  We have a rather unique situation, that I am sure others have faced.  Our company sells Shampoo.

The situation is this -  We have a few shampoos that we carry in various sizes (Travel Size, Normal Size, and Jumbo Size)  Since Jumbo is one of our bigger sellers, it has it's own product page (Shopify assigns a variant to this).  Secondarily, we have the product in a Product Listing Page (you can purchase by size) and each size has it's own variant.  In the PLP, the variant is DIFFERENT than that of the PDP.  WHen the inventory sync runs, it syncs only the PDP Variant, and not the PLP variant.  I am not sure if we need a third party tool to help sync these (they are the same product) or there is a setting within Shopify we can take advantage of?


Essentially, they are the same product.  How can I make it so?


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Certainly, managing variant synchronization between NetSuite and Shopify, especially with unique product structures, can be intricate. In situations like yours, where variants on the Product Listing Page (PLP) and Product Detail Page (PDP) differ, a robust solution like our Robust NetSuite Integrator can be immensely helpful.


Our integrator has a default functionality that ensures seamless synchronization of inventory from NetSuite back to Shopify for all the variants listed in Shopify. We are equipped to correctly map and synchronize variants, including those associated with unique product pages.

Feel free to explore how our Robust NetSuite Integrator can streamline this process and ensure accurate inventory sync for all variants. In case you have any questions feel free to write to us at

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