How can I test a recurring subscription webhook on Shopify without waiting 30 days?

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I need to run a process whenever Shopify subscription has been renewed.

I checked here ( and found that I can subscribe to the topic APP_SUBSCRIPTION_UPDATE for subscription updates.

1. Having created a webhook subscription with the above topic, how can I test (simulate) a recurring subscription without waiting for the current subscription to first expire after 30 days? Note: If I cancel the subscription, the status changes from Active to Cancelled ( I may be wrong). 

2. It is extremely necessary that I am able know when a subscription has been renewed. How does the app subscription status change. Does the app subscription status first change from Active to Expired and then when the charge renews - becomes Active again? I want to know if there is a way to detect renewals.

3. Am I using the right webhook topic to check for renewals of app subscription?

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Have you ever found out these things? I need to know, too.

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Did you able to find a solution for this? 

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Some update about that?

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I am facing a similar issue.

Have you found a solution?