How can I transfer my product list from Shopify to other platforms?

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Hello. Can you tell me how to transfer my products so they are visible for sale not only on Shopify. I need to be able to transfer my product list to my store on Walmart Marketplace, Wix e-commerce, Google Merchant, Facebook & Instagram store.  I want to make sure every product that I have on Shopify is being sold on other platforms I mentioned. What do I need to do to make that happen? Thanks.

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To get your products uploaded to any of these platforms first you can look through the apps available online. I believe all of them cost some sort of money.


For example here is one that can integrate just about anything:


Not interested in spending more money? Here are the options available:

  1. Wix e-commerce:

    • Export your product data from Shopify in a compatible format (CSV) and import it into Wix.
    • Wix should have a template to use, you will want to copy the columns from your exported products from Shopify to the correct columns in the Wix product import template. 
    • You will manually have to keep track of inventory as this doesn't sync your products rather duplicates your products into Wix. 
  2. Google Merchant:

  3. Facebook & Instagram Store:

    • Connect your Shopify store with Facebook and Instagram from the Facebook & Instagram app located in Shopify App Store.
    • Enable the Facebook Shop channel in your Shopify admin.
    • Sync your product catalog with Facebook and Instagram
    • Here is the documentation on how to do this:


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