How can I use a session token to streamline user login in AWS environment?

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We have changed checkout screen, and this screen is created in our AWS environment which use GraphQL.


At this moment, our AWS account use different domain, so that users need to type their ID and password again. We would like to remove this additional steps. (When user sign in to Shopify, they have already type their ID and password, so we would like to hand over those.)

To consider this architecture, I think we use below steps.


1. To get user id from session token.

2. To use user id which we get from No.1 and call Shopify API to get user information.


From document basis, I think this works, but since I'm a new for Shopify GraphQL, and I'm not familiar with GraphQL code, if someone can provide sample code, is it possible to provide it to us?


Thank you!

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