How can we store address information customer registration form

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I wanted to create a custom registration form, where can I get customer address, location.

I am using dawn theme. I have added an extra field in main-register.liquid file, 

<div class="field">

placeholder="Enter Customer Address"
Enter Customer Address

When I give in shopify backend I am not able to see the address 1 value. 

So I wanted to know how can this be done ? So I can get the address from customer in registration form and I can store it.

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Hey @testAppKiss!

Unfortunately as far as I am aware, it's not currently possible to collect an address record by directly editing the theme code, you will need an app to communicate with Shopify's APIs.

One option for this would be our Helium Customer Fields app, which allows you to create and install a custom registration form, where you can collect an address and so much more.

You can check it out in the Shopify app store here.

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