how did you managed to reduce unused js? and improve the pagespeed insights ?

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Please have a look over the screenshot.
I am very curious, after hours of browsing, how can you improve the technical SEO on Shopify website?
How can I reduce unused JS, which I have no access to?
The image shows from top to bottom: klarna, facebook, globo filter app, xo slider app, meteor app, globo again, swym wishlist app. google tag manager, jquery loaded from blogInPost app. 

its only a small part of total Page speed insights... we have lazy-load on every image, but the reports are saying to Defer offscreen images...

another,very important thing: Reduce initial server response time, its very long: 820ms...
and tonnes of other things.

The technical audits from SEO companies are terrible.  
Can I ask you, how did you managed to get at least 80 points
on mobile on Page Speed Insights?


Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 16-06-18 PageSpeed Insights.png
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