How do I add variants to my products in Shopify / DSer

How do I add variants to my products in Shopify / DSer

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Hi all, firstly thank you for any assistance you can provide.


I am a complete newbie to shopify and online stores, so please bare with me 🙂


I have my website, and I sell a "single product" but I have about 40 variants of that product I want to offer, essentially I sell country flags and want to sell each country.


I have a problem with the linking of my product to Aliexpress via the DS app.


I have my Shopify product linked via DS app to Aliexpress and when I try to add all my variants in DS it tells me I am only allowed to add 2 variants. (see screenshot error).


Right now my orders are not working, they come to me and I need to manually fulfill (I have to manually order in Aliexpress and send to the customer, instead of it been automated in my shop).


Each of the flags I want to offer on my site are sold by one vendor that I want to use (because I have ordered / tested their products and also dealt with them and good service). but they have an individual Aliexpress listing for each of their products - so I need to link each product to my site somehow) .


thanks again



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