How do I change the cropping of the images in Debut's All Collection grid structure?

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Hi there, I have recently set up my Shopify page for my earring business. While I have deliberately not chosen Collection images to feature at the top page each  of my Collections (I have just text instead), Debut is then taking my first product pic and using this as the square thumbnail when customers go to the Shop All (All Collections) page. That would be okay in itself, but it is cropping the image from the top and therefore my earrings look ridiculous and have their bottoms cut off. They look fine when they are rectangular images on the product page, but the templated square cropping is the issue. If I could control it and choose centre alignment that would be a much better long term solution for any future collections. I would just make sure my 1st product picture would always suit the crop.


Can I rework the Debut theme somehow to make the picture cropping on the All Collections template centred?


Love any feedback you have on this! Thanks.

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Hello I am looking to solve the same issue. I have tried editing my code and entering 

.collection-grid-item__overlay {
    background-position: center;

its better but it still crops off some of my image. Using debut. is my site