How do I copy/paste a table from Excel into Bulk Editor to change the price?

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When you go into your products, and select multiple products an option pops up at the bottom called, "Bulk Editor". You click it, and now you can edit all the prices in bulk. The problem is if I select all of them, I can press Delete and all the prices will reset to $0.0, however, if I select the entire price column and paste the column from Excel with the new prices, it doesn't do it. 

Just wondering if there is a way of doing it, and if I'm doing it wrong? 

Changing the prices of 100+ items one-by-one might be a bit tedious work. 

Thank you so much everyone! 

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I'm facing the same problem, but so far I can't find a solution. Anyone knows how to deal with it? Cause that would save bunch of time. Thanks

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Same here, I've tried every possible way I can think of and keep hitting the same wall. It would be so helpful if you could just paste from Excel or sheets!


There are Shopify apps that can bulk edit pricing and they have a bunch of handy features but its another monthly cost for something that I only need very occasionally!