How do I remove $0 label for a product that is set to $0 in cart in DAWN

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Hello, I have changed the code so that when an item is listed at $0, the price does not show on the product page. I use Globo Product options to create add ons with the prices I want to use. When I go to the cart, it still shows $0 for the product. 

How do I remove the $0 label in the cart for that item and just show the add on prices?

In my image I have the item. The Add on prices are for the style of shirt, and back of shirt text.

Screen Shot 2024-05-10 at 8.32.07 AM.png

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I am San from MS Web Designer.


To hide the $0 price in Shopify, you need to include an additional condition in the theme code. Locate the price code in the product-template.liquid template and insert the following condition:


 {% if product.price > 0 %} Add the price code here {% endif %}.


Hope this helps.


Do let me know in case of any concerns.




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