How do I remove a persistent discount code bar from my cart page?

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Via Dcode (an app I found via the Shopify App Store) I added a discount code bar to the cart page. After a while, I decided to delete it, but the discount code bar was still visible when deleting the app. A while ago I also asked someone who helped me with making the webshop faster and asked her to also delete this bar. It was gone for a while, but now it is still there.

As you can see below, I found the code on the page. But I can't find this code themecode. Can someone help me?





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If it's on the cart page look through the cart templates for any additional code it added.

If it's the only app that may have made changes to the cart page, and no users|staff has also never edit the template you can just rollback to an older version: 


If you need this professionally fixed contact me at with store url.

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Hey Lisa. 

We can help you free for this task, please contact me and i will request access and remove the code. 

Best regards.

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