How do I remove certain image links in the automatic google feed?

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I sell Women's Lingerie, which google is okay with, as long as you don't show any models. The problem is, some listings have a mix of Models with lingerie & Lingerie product images. So as of now I have not found a way to send an automatic feed to google with image exclusions. The best I can do is manual sends through CSV, which feels like it is not the most efficient way to do this. I seen other industry leaders sell a lingerie on google with this principle like shein & some others.


How do you work around this / Solve this?

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I want to emphasize what is ok. You can use models, as long as the images do not portray in a sexual nature.


The free Google & Youtube app does not support showing / excluding specific images.


However, you can remove them in Google Merchant Center when you edit the product info.


You can also use a more advanced app, that allow you to exlude in bulk using specific exclusion keywords:


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